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Descriptor English:   Pontine Tegmentum 
Descriptor Spanish:   Tegmento Pontino 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Tegmento Pontino 
Synonyms English:   Abducens Nucleus, Accessory
Accessory Abducens Nucleus
Acoustic Stria, Dorsal
Acoustic Strias, Dorsal
Central Tegmental Tract
Central Tegmental Tracts
Dorsal Acoustic Stria
Dorsal Acoustic Strias
Dorsal Part of Pons
Formation, Pontine Reticular
Formations, Pontine Reticular
Nuclei of the Lateral Lemniscus
Nucleus Subceruleus
Nucleus, Accessory Abducens
Nucleus, Paralemniscal
Paralemniscal Nucleus
Pars Dorsalis Pontis
Pons Dorsal Part
Pons Dorsal Parts
Pons Reticular Formation
Pons Reticular Formations
Pons Tegmentum
Pons Tegmentums
Ponti, Tegmentum
Pontine Reticular Formation
Pontine Reticular Formations
Pontine Tegmentums
Pontis, Tegmentum
Protuberancial, Tegmentum
Protuberancials, Tegmentum
Reticular Formation of Pons
Reticular Formation, Pontine
Reticular Formations, Pontine
Stria, Dorsal Acoustic
Strias, Dorsal Acoustic
Subceruleus, Nucleus
Tegmental Tract, Central
Tegmental Tracts, Central
Tegmentum Ponti
Tegmentum Pontis
Tegmentum Protuberancial
Tegmentum Protuberancials
Tegmentum of Pons
Tegmentum, Pontine
Tegmentums, Pontine
Tract, Central Tegmental
Tracts, Central Tegmental  
Tree Number:   A08.
Definition English:   The dorsal region of pons bounded by the middle CEREBELLAR PEDUNCLES and the ventral part of the pons. It is continuous with the TEGMENTUM MESENCEPHALI and contains CEREBELLAR NUCLEI, lemnisci and RETICULAR FORMATION. 
See Related English:   Trigeminal Nerve
History Note English:   2015 
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