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Descriptor English:   Neural Crest 
Descriptor Spanish:   Cresta Neural 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Crista Neural 
Synonyms English:   Cell, Neural Crest
Cells, Neural Crest
Crest, Neural
Crests, Neural
Fold, Neural
Folds, Neural
Groove, Neural
Grooves, Neural
Neural Crest Cell
Neural Crest Cells
Neural Crests
Neural Fold
Neural Folds
Neural Groove
Neural Grooves  
Tree Number:   A16.627
Definition English:   The two longitudinal ridges along the PRIMITIVE STREAK appearing near the end of GASTRULATION during development of nervous system (NEURULATION). The ridges are formed by folding of NEURAL PLATE. Between the ridges is a neural groove which deepens as the fold become elevated. When the folds meet at midline, the groove becomes a closed tube, the NEURAL TUBE. 
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