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Descriptor English:   Microbiota 
Descriptor Spanish:   Microbiota 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Microbiota 
Synonyms English:   Community Composition, Microbial
Community Structure, Microbial
Community, Microbial
Composition, Microbial Community
Human Microbiome
Human Microbiomes
Microbial Communities
Microbial Community
Microbial Community Composition
Microbial Community Compositions
Microbial Community Structure
Microbial Community Structures
Microbiome, Human
Tree Number:   G06.591
Definition English:   The full collection of microbes (bacteria, fungi, virus, etc.) that naturally exist within a particular biological niche such as an organism, soil, a body of water, etc. 
Indexing Annotation English:   coordinate with specific organism, organ or other site with / microbiol if pertinent
See Related English:   Metagenome
History Note English:   2014; use METAGENOME 2008-2013 
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