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Descriptor English:   Heart Rate 
Descriptor Spanish:   Frecuencia Cardíaca 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Frequência Cardíaca 
Synonyms English:   Cardiac Chronotropism
Cardiac Chronotropy
Chronotropism, Cardiac
Chronotropy, Cardiac
Control, Heart Rate
Heart Rate Control
Heart Rates
Pulse Rate
Pulse Rates
Rate Control, Heart
Rate, Heart
Rate, Pulse
Rates, Heart
Rates, Pulse  
Tree Number:   E01.370.600.875.500
Definition English:   The number of times the HEART VENTRICLES contract per unit of time, usually per minute. 
Indexing Annotation English:   policy: Manual 23.27+; chronotropic action of drugs = HEART RATE /drug eff (IM) + drug with /pharmacol (IM) + STIMULATION, CHEMICAL (NIM) for positive chronotropic action & DEPRESSION, CHEMICAL (NIM) for negative; for inotropic action see note on MYOCARDIAL CONTRACTION
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History Note English:   66(64) 
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