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Descriptor English:   G1 Phase 
Descriptor Spanish:   Fase G1 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Fase G1 
Synonyms English:   First Gap Phase
First Gap Phases
G1 Phases
G1a Phase
G1a Phases
G1b Phase
G1b Phases
Gap Phase 1
Gap Phase, First
Gap Phases, First
Phase 1, Gap
Phase, First Gap
Phase, G1
Phase, G1a
Phase, G1b
Phases, First Gap
Phases, G1
Phases, G1a
Phases, G1b  
Tree Number:   G04.144.500.320
Definition English:   The period of the CELL CYCLE preceding DNA REPLICATION in S PHASE. Subphases of G1 include "competence" (to respond to growth factors), G1a (entry into G1), G1b (progression), and G1c (assembly). Progression through the G1 subphases is effected by limiting growth factors, nutrients, or inhibitors. 
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