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Descriptor English:   Folic Acid Deficiency 
Descriptor Spanish:   Deficiencia de Ácido Fólico 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Deficiência de Ácido Fólico 
Synonyms English:   Acid Deficiencies, Folic
Acid Deficiency, Folic
Deficiencies, Folic Acid
Deficiency, Folic Acid
Folic Acid Deficiencies  
Tree Number:   C18.654.521.500.133.699.308
Definition English:   A nutritional condition produced by a deficiency of FOLIC ACID in the diet. Many plant and animal tissues contain folic acid, abundant in green leafy vegetables, yeast, liver, and mushrooms but destroyed by long-term cooking. Alcohol interferes with its intermediate metabolism and absorption. Folic acid deficiency may develop in long-term anticonvulsant therapy or with use of oral contraceptives. This deficiency causes anemia, macrocytic anemia, and megaloblastic anemia. It is indistinguishable from vitamin B 12 deficiency in peripheral blood and bone marrow findings, but the neurologic lesions seen in B 12 deficiency do not occur. (Merck Manual, 16th ed) 
See Related English:   Anemia, Sideroblastic
History Note English:   66(64) 
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