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Descriptor English:   Colorectal Surgery 
Descriptor Spanish:   Cirugía Colorrectal 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Cirurgia Colorretal 
Synonyms English:   Colon Surgery Specialty
Colon and Rectal Surgery Specialty
Rectal Surgery Specialty
Specialty, Colon Surgery
Specialty, Rectal Surgery
Surgery Specialty, Colon
Surgery Specialty, Colon and Rectal
Surgery Specialty, Rectal
Surgery, Colorectal  
Tree Number:   H02.403.810.208
Definition English:   A surgical specialty concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of disorders and abnormalities of the COLON; RECTUM; and ANAL CANAL. 
Indexing Annotation English:   surgical specialty; do not confuse with COLON /surg & RECTUM /surg
History Note English:   98; was COLON AND RECTAL SURGERY (SPECIALTY) 1980-97; was PROCTOLOGY 1963-79 
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