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Descriptor English:   Cell Hypoxia 
Descriptor Spanish:   Hipoxia de la Célula 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Hipóxia Celular 
Synonyms English:   Anoxia, Cell
Anoxia, Cellular
Anoxias, Cell
Anoxias, Cellular
Cell Anoxia
Cell Anoxias
Cell Hypoxias
Cellular Anoxia
Cellular Anoxias
Cellular Hypoxia
Cellular Hypoxias
Hypoxia, Cell
Hypoxia, Cellular
Hypoxias, Cell
Hypoxias, Cellular  
Tree Number:   G03.197.300
Definition English:   A condition of decreased oxygen content at the cellular level. 
Indexing Annotation English:   NIM; not for micro-organisms
History Note English:   90 
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Record Number:   24557 
Unique Identifier:   D015687 

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