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Descriptor English:   Blastocyst Inner Cell Mass 
Descriptor Spanish:   Masa Celular Interna del Blastocisto 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Massa Celular Interna do Blastocisto 
Synonyms English:   Inner Cell Mass of Blastocyst
Inner Cell Mass, Blastocyst  
Tree Number:   A16.254.500.533
Definition English:   The cluster of cells inside a blastocyst. These cells give rise to the embryonic disc and eventual embryo proper. They are pluripotent EMBRYONIC STEM CELLS capable of yielding many but not all cell types in a developing organism. 
Indexing Annotation English:   do not confuse with BLASTOCYTES which are undifferentiated embryonic cells, a term mostly used in foreign literature
See Related English:   Embryonic Stem Cells
History Note English:   2007 
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