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Descriptor English:   Alternative Splicing 
Descriptor Spanish:   Empalme Alternativo 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Processamento Alternativo 
Synonyms English:   Alternate Splicing
Alternate Splicings
Alternative RNA Splicing
Alternative RNA Splicings
Alternative Splicings
Nested Transcript
Nested Transcripts
RNA Splicing, Alternative
RNA Splicings, Alternative
Splicing, Alternate
Splicing, Alternative
Splicing, Alternative RNA
Splicings, Alternate
Splicings, Alternative
Splicings, Alternative RNA
Transcript, Nested
Transcripts, Nested  
Tree Number:   G02.111.760.700.100
Definition English:   A process whereby multiple RNA transcripts are generated from a single gene. Alternative splicing involves the splicing together of other possible sets of EXONS during the processing of some, but not all, transcripts of the gene. Thus a particular exon may be connected to any one of several alternative exons to form a mature RNA. The alternative forms of mature MESSENGER RNA produce PROTEIN ISOFORMS in which one part of the isoforms is common while the other parts are different. 
Indexing Annotation English:   for NESTED TRANSCRIPTS also index the RNA; do not confuse with NESTED GENES; for nested primers use NESTED PCR; (POLYMERASE CHAIN REACTION)
See Related English:   Nested Genes
Protein Isoforms
RNA Splice Sites
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