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Descriptor English:   Addison Disease 
Descriptor Spanish:   Enfermedad de Addison 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Doença de Addison 
Synonyms English:   Addison's Disease
Addisons Disease
Adrenal Insufficiency, Primary
Adrenocortical Insufficiencies, Primary
Adrenocortical Insufficiency, Primary
Disease, Addison
Hypoadrenalism, Primary
Hypoadrenalisms, Primary
Insufficiencies, Primary Adrenocortical
Insufficiency, Primary Adrenocortical
Primary Adrenal Insufficiency
Primary Adrenocortical Insufficiencies
Primary Adrenocortical Insufficiency
Primary Hypoadrenalism  
Tree Number:   C19.053.500.263
Definition English:   An adrenal disease characterized by the progressive destruction of the ADRENAL CORTEX, resulting in insufficient production of ALDOSTERONE and HYDROCORTISONE. Clinical symptoms include ANOREXIA; NAUSEA; WEIGHT LOSS; MUSCLE WEAKNESS; and HYPERPIGMENTATION of the SKIN due to increase in circulating levels of ACTH precursor hormone which stimulates MELANOCYTES. 
History Note English:   2005 (1963) 
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